My Author Profile

My name is Robin and I am a writer at heart, as well as it being my job.

I found the Trixie Belden world years ago when my sister received her first Trixie Belden book for her birthday. A short time later I received “The Gatehouse Mystery.” I fell in love with the series and did whatever I could to find the rest of the books to read. I read all of them that the library could hold and read them over and over again.

When the books stopped appearing at stores, I was upset but knew that there would be time when I would find them all.

More than a year ago, I got on the auction sites and decided to see what I could find. There were a lot of people having the books up for grabs and I dove in. Within a matter of time, I was able to collect the series for myself and have read them all at least twice (some more than that).

Since I always loved writing, I figured that somewhere along the line the series needed to continue and what better way to do that then to write how their lives would be like in my mind.

So, to all those fans out there, enjoy reading.