These are stories that do not have any particular place in my current universe. They stand alone. I do hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

blue star The Lost

yellow star The Lost Sequel - Return to Sleepyside

blue star Trick-or-Treat

blue star First Christmas

blue star Merry Christmas, Baby

blue star It Really Happened

blue star The Game

blue star The Nightmare Before Christmas

blue star The Unimaginable

blue star It's My Party

blue star The Legacy

blue star The Promise
Coping with a long-distance relationship is hard enough. When Jim can't come home for Christmas, Trixie wonders how she'll make it through the holiday. Originally posted December 2015 as a Secret Santa giftfic for Janice.

blue star From the Heart
The college-aged Bob-whites are scattered across the country, but nothing will stop them from celebrating Christmas together with their traditional Secret Santa gift exchange. Originally posted December 2016 as a Secret Santa giftfic for Julia.

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